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Learn by interacting

Individual classes have many benefits. Well prepared classes are personalized, considering interests, tastes and preference of each learner. The teaching style and content of the lessons are customized to the individual needs of each student. One of the greatest advantages is the flexibility in scheduling the learning sessions at a time convenient to the learner. Most of the students I work with have an intense work pace and cannot adapt to group classes. Faced with this reality, I organize “multicultural meetings”. These events take place a couple of times a year and their result is always a success that motivates us all. Participants of these workshops are my students and a special guest whose mother tongue is Spanish. These meetings are online so everyone can attend from their place of residence The topics can vary but they are always related to the culture of our guest's country of origin. The interaction flows naturally, we all learn and of course, we practice Spanish. Thanks to our guest speakers from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina my students can recognize different varieties of the Spanish language.

If you need any further information about my classes, do not hesitate to contact me.

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