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The challenge of studying Spanish when we have little time.

Today I want to share with you the first comment that students make to me in the test class:

“I want to start, but I have little time”

Most of the people who contact me have an intense work schedule. Regardless of the reason that leads them to study Spanish, the reality is the lack of time that conflicts with their desire to start learning a language. Given this, my objective is to facilitate this challenge that is proposed in every possible way, for which throughout these years I have defined certain criteria that help us all (teacher and student) to meet our objectives. Here I share some with you:

My classes are online, so you only have to connect on the scheduled day and time. You don't need to buy materials. I custom design the material we will use and it will be available in a digital file at the beginning of class.

Maintaining the frequency of classes is very important, so when you have any problems, you can reschedule your class. You only have to communicate it 24 hours in advance.

What if I have an unforeseen event and can't attend? The class can be canceled free of charge with 24 hours' notice.

What if I can't give 24 hours' notice? It is considered taught if you cancel less than 24 hours before your class, but you can recover it within two weeks.

Whether to reschedule or recover a class, we will agree to find a convenient day and time for both of us.

Our motto is that the classes motivate us to meet our objectives. If you desire to learn Spanish and discover a new culture, contact me to schedule your free trial class.

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