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Cultural differences in work environments

Have you ever thought about how having your work team of people from different cultures impacts communication? Working with multicultural teams is enriching but requires a broader conception of what our words imply depending on who they are directed to, the lack or excess of them, our manners, and interruptions. Cultural diversity enhances human values and broadens our perspective but requires recognizing the communication problems that may arise. And this applies to oral communications, signs, gestures, the number of our interventions, etc. If your work environment is multicultural, I recommend you read The Culture Map by Erin Meyer. It is an interesting book that makes us reflect on cultural differences and their impact on work relationships.

My Spanish classes are meetings in which we begin to open windows to a different culture, where what matters is what we want to say and how we can communicate it effectively. What I learned in three years of living in a multicultural environment  and many years of working in business organizations was decisive in my way of understanding this reality,

If you are thinking about learning Spanish schedule your trial class. See you soon!

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